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Designs using fabrics from the African continent

Congo River ROC Dec 2019.jpg

Our Story


Over the past 20 years, I have had the great fortune of working throughout the African continent as a journalist, videographer and media educator.  In my travels I always steal a few moments to find the nearest market and absorb the beautiful colours and patterns that make up the local fashions.  I have also collected my favourites, and have been given many pagnes, or fabric pieces, and I consider myself fabric abundant.  Just looking each piece brings me joy.  The bright colours, the simple - or intricate - patterns, the versatility. 

In over 30 countries, I have encountered hundreds of tailors and seamstresses.  And each of them seems to love what they do. 

In 2021, I went to Burundi with UNICEF to cover the impacts of climate change.  There I met Jeanette, a mother of five who evacuated her home in the middle of the night when the shores of Lake Tanganyika were flooded, and her home inundated.  Using her sewing machine and per steadfast attitude,
Jeanette has started her own business in the displacement camp she lives in, and is able to provide food, school fees and a few extras for her family while they find a new home, and start over.  Sewing is one of those things so many of us wish we could do - it is useful all the time, everywhere!  And it can provide a great means of income.  

Each LOVEAPPLE.ME neck wrap is unique - a combination of fabric, colour choices, and finishings, made by a local seemstress here in the Overberg SA.  It changes from time to time, and I'll give you an update of the latest maker of LOVEAPPLE.ME as soon as I visit the studio.

So here I bring you some of my favourite fabrics, in the form of my favourite, warm, cozy, vibrant accessories!
XO Eva

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